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Final report from the workshop now avaliable

The final report from Saltsjöbaden V is now avaliable for downloading: Saltsjöbaden V - Taking international air pollution policies into the futurePDF (pdf, 1.7 MB)

It is also possible to order a printed copy of the report from the Nordic Council of Ministers: link, opens in new window

Saltsjöbaden V - Taking international air pollution policies into the future

Future air international air pollution strategies were the main themes for an international science-policy workshop that was held in Gothenburg, Sweden 24 – 26 June 2013. The workshop is directed towards policymakers, scientists and other stakeholders active in supporting air pollution awareness and control on an international scale. The workshop was the fifth in a series within the so called Saltsjöbaden format.

The workshop consider in particular air pollution issues in relation to international conventions and other initiatives such as the European Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution (TSAP), the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) and the Stockholm Convention, the Minamata Convention on Mercury and the Arctic Council.  

The workshop is organized by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in collaboration with the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP), the European Commission and the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum. The workshop is supported by the Swedish EPA, Mistra Foundation and the Nordic Council of Ministers.



ProgrammePDF (pdf, 2.1 MB)


Saltsjöbaden 1, 2000PDF (pdf, 529.4 kB)

Saltsjöbaden 2, 2004PDF (pdf, 3.2 MB)

Saltsjöbaden 3, 2007PDF (pdf, 495.2 kB)

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Saltsjöbaden V, 2013PDF (pdf, 1.7 MB)

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