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About the workshop

The workshop will start at lunch on Monday June 24th and end at lunch on Wednesday June 26th.

On the first day there will be plenary presentations on the main topics for the workshop. These presentations will go on for the first hour on Tuesday morning. The rest of Tuesday will be directed towards working groups and on Wednesday, the conclusions and recommendations from the working groups will be presented and discussed and merged together into general conclusions and recommendations. A general idea of the workshops has been to tag all recommendations with the organizations or processes that the recommendations are directed to.

The earlier workshops have been important for informal exchange of information and discussions between people and groups that not meet naturally and they have also formed the basis for important new initiatives, such as the work within CLRTAP on hemispheric air pollution and on nitrogen. Another initiative that was brought up at one of these workshops was Short Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP), which first was presented in 2007 and then has developed into a number of activities by several organizations.


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Saltsjöbaden 1, 2000PDF (pdf, 529.4 kB)

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Saltsjöbaden 3, 2007PDF (pdf, 495.2 kB)

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